Where To Find Power Armor


  • Power armor frames must be fitted with level-appropriate armor pieces
  • Each spawn point has a chance of containing different armor pieces
  • The city of Watoga has multiple power armor spawn points 

A full set of power armor is one of the most iconic things players can find in any “Fallout” game. These hulking suits of metal offer the best protection against damage at the cost of regular maintenance requirements.

The power armor system in “Fallout 76” is identical to the one in “Fallout 4.” Players need a power armor Frame with individual armor parts and slot-in a Fusion Core to power the suit up. This means players will have a laundry list of things to find before exploring the wasteland as walking tanks.

Here are a few good spots for power armor parts and Fusion Cores.

Aaronholt Homestead

This farmhouse is found north of Vault 76, east of the W.V. Lumber Co. by the river. There’s a shed in the premises with a possible power armor spawn near a maintenance station. Players will need at least one point in their lockpicking skill or the Aaronholt Granary Shed Key to enter the room.

Take note that power armor pieces are level-restricted.

A suit of power armor in a shed at the Aaronholt Farmstead - Fallout 76 A suit of power armor in a shed at the Aaronholt Farmstead Photo: Fallout 76

Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant is found directly west of Vault 76. It’s indicated by a town with the “Mothman Museum” logo on the map. Head to the north of the town and cross the bridge to find a hardware store with a possible Power Armor spawn on the rooftop.

Morgantown Trainyard

The Scorched-infested trainyard to the west of Morgantown has a power armor spawn location inside one railcar near a crane. There are quite a few enemies in here, so come prepared.


Though this area may be a little difficult to reach for beginners, the city of Watoga in the Cranberry Bog has several power armor spawn locations that are near each other.

The first one players may encounter is near the grounded Vertibird by the city center. Just north of this location is the Watoga Emergency Services building, which has a power armor spawn point on the rooftop. Take the elevator on the ground floor and fight through the upper floors to reach the roof.

More armor frames and pieces are in Watoga High School and Watoga Transit Hub.

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