Up your game night–and day–with these four stylish games

Mellow Yellow

Inspired by the 1968 landmark album and movie, Theory11’s “Yellow Submarine” playing cards ($12) add a psychedelic flair to classic games. The standard-size cards, which are enlarged here, feature illustrations from the Beatles’ wacky world. Hit play on the iconic album and start dealing. Trouble understanding a game? You’ll get by with a little help from your friends.

[Photo: Bubi Canal]

The Nettie Set

Nettie’s carbon fiber pickleball paddles ($150 for two) deliver a vibrant punch with their primary colors and bold graphic designs.

[Photo: Bubi Canal]

Lucie Kaas Kokeshi Doll

Lucie Kaas’s unique wooden dolls ($75) of modern icons, like Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, are a playful enhancement to any desk, bedroom, or office.

[Photo: Bubi Canal]

Hay Play Backgammon

Hay’s compact backgammon set ($45) comes with contrasting red and blue pieces that will appeal to kids of all ages. Best of all, it’s easy to carry and can be enjoyed poolside, in the park, or at a friend’s house.

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