The Top Baking Essentials You Need To Become A Pro Baker

To become a pro baker, you need to have some essentials in your lineup to complete any baking project. Here are my baking essentials for measuring, mixing, and decorating that are perfect for beginners.

To make a perfectly measured batter you will need:

Sturdy measuring cups and spoons for accurate use of measuring dry ingredients and easy to clean.

Kitchen scale- the most accurate way to measure your ingredients and an inexpensive tool to yield consistent results.

For Mixing:

You’re going to need to mix your ingredients in a big bowl and I like to use a stainless steel bowl. It’s sturdy, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. Also perfect for when you need to apply heat (ie. Ganache) as the heat distributes evenly.

A hand mixer is good, but a stand mixer will take you above and beyond. For faster and more even mixing and is also essential for larger batch baking. It frees up your hands to continue doing other things while mixing is happening.

Then when it comes to putting it into the oven, I’m not too particular about cake pans because it all depends on what size you’re going for. I am, however, partial to a rimmed baking sheet. It’s ideal for cookies, easy to handle, and clean. The rim prevents spills and oven mess if anything you’re baking accidentally overflows.


The most essential cake decorating tool to help your coat and decorate your cake evenly is the turntable. The cake needs to move for you and not the other way around.

When I need to scoop out my frosting onto the cake, there’s no better tool than a standard spatula. It can also help you mix and fold delicate frostings and creams.

Once I have my icing on I go to my offset spatulas. It’s great to have both a large and a small. It helps smooth icing, creams, ganache, or any filling on your favourite cake and almost any baked good you feel like decorating.

If you want to go the extra mile for your cake, get a bench scraper. It’s great for creating a super smooth finish.

Then I think many people are familiar with pastry bags and piping tips. Ideal for decorating cakes and cupcakes with better control and fun decorative designs. Wash and dry them right away so they don’t rust if they are metal. A star tip and a circle tip should be your first buys!

And if you are feeling fancy grab a pair of tweezers! It will allow for the precise placing of sprinkles or another décor on any of your baked goods.

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