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Good day freelancers,

we are an internet service provider in Africa and we have a website but we want to do a complete new look and modern design, we have already purchased a premium website template (wordpress) that suits our new look however if you have other designs in mind we will consider this.

The main objective of this project is to find a developer who can assist us with a coverage map, meaning when a user inputs their Physical Address into the map, it will pick up their location and display the different packages available at their location with the different fibre-optic line speeds. The challenege is that all areas have different networks so every area would be a different pricing based on the user’s physical address and city. I have 3 different Google KML files with the 3 different networks that we service, so all 3 KML’s need to be integrated into 1 coverage map so that when the user inputs their address, our map determines which Network it is part of and what the pricing is.

Functionality overview/workflow:

User input physical address >> Map determines location and which FNO is at the address out of the 3 >> Displays packages based on FNO present >> User selects desired package >> Redirects user to order now page with the address, package and price already populated.

The freelancer chosen will be shown a live example from another service provider’s website and will get more details.

Please be serious about this as I have a deadline for this and my business partners are not people to mess around so do not just bid without understanding what is required. I suggest that if you did take the time to read this begin your bid proposal with “I am able to provide a fully functional coverage map on your website as described”

Project overview / Presentation for requirements:[login to view URL]%2Fpresentation%2Fd%2F1K-1GjxaWj49G1PzybXrhBqhdHthqBcgeX_lOMQM7VF8%2Fedit%3Fusp%3Dsharing&sig=7c903083a77dc0fbc3ed902f87d3d96b7b825d797a6b4d1a7175ad1401c1451d

Live Preview of what is required:

Please visit [login to view URL] and then do the following:

1. Input the address “158 Clark Road, Berea, South africa” and select it >> It will display the packages and show you “METRO FIBRE NETWORX”.

2. Then change address to “60 Fosdale Road, Newlands, Durban” >> You will see there’s a different as now it displays ZOOM and not METRO

Because every area depending on the address has a differnet provider. We work with 3 providers so we need to make sure that if a user inputs their address which is part of ZOOM’s network, it shows them the pricing for ZOOM.

If the user inputs an address which is part of METRO FIBRE’S network, it should display that pricing.

If a user inputs an address which is part of “HYPER HOODS” network, it should display their pricing.

Thank you. Happy bidding!

Skills: JavaScript, WordPress, Google Maps API, Geographical Information System (GIS), ArcGIS

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