Survivor 42 Scoop – Week 3 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments

John Powell –

When does six tribal council votes become two? When you are on Survivor 42.

Vati’s first fireside chat with Jeff Probst was the perfect Survivor storm and Jenny Kim, the creative director from New York, regrettably paid the price for the twists in the game and the decisions of her allies.

With Daniel, Mike and Chanelle on her side heading into the vote Jenny was safe and waitress/actress Lydia was on her way to the Survivor Loser Lodge but a funny thing happened on the way to tribal council. Previously, Mike found the Beware Hidden Immunity Idol. In activating it, he cost himself his vote at tribal council until further notice. Then, Chanelle and Omar were sent on a Risk Versus Reward Summit. Since she and Omar decided to risk their votes, Chanelle lost her vote at tribal council. Jenny was decidedly behind the 8-ball long before she even packed for her fateful meeting with Probst.

Jenny and Lydia voted for each other and Hai voted for Jenny while Daniel voted for Lydia as he promised Mike, Jenny and Chanelle he would. The first vote was tied and so was the second as Daniel and Hai wouldn’t change their stances. Daniel, Hai, Mike and Chanelle would go to picking rocks if Hai and Daniel couldn’t make a decision.

“I really don’t want to draw rocks. Let’s hammer this out and get to a consensus so on the very first vote on day seven we don’t put out fate in a bag of rocks,” Daniel pleaded with Hai.

Hai refused to budge.

“I have to protect my ally Lydia. I love you and I apologize but I am not changing my vote,” he told everyone.

Jenny warned Hai that he would be fracturing the tribe if he sent her home as the majority wanted Lydia gone.

After Daniel threw Chanelle under the bus and made a deal with Lydia and Hai to change his vote, Jenny was tossed overboard.

Who were the real engineers of Jenny’s demise though? Was it the producers and their array of twists on day seven or does the fault lie at the feet of her allies who sacrificed their numbers for possible advantages, personal gain? Perhaps it is a little bit of both which probably doesn’t provide poor Jenny with any solace whatsoever as she prepares to move in with Zach and Marya.

For the first time ever in Survivor history a challenge had to be stopped on “Go for the Gusto”. Either the waves were far too strong for the two remaining tribes to get their ladders in place or the Survivors couldn’t cope with the elements and complete the challenge. No matter what the reason was, Ika and Taku caught a lucky break when the producers stepped in. How will they cope with next week’s challenge?

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Moment # 5: Daniel talks personal paranoia at tribal council.




Moment # 4: Maryanne finds a hidden immunity idol.




Moment # 3: Daniel loses Mike’s idol.




Moment # 2: The challenge is halted.




Moment # 1: Chaos reigns at tribal council.

Week Two: Jenny Kim

Jenny was a victim of circumstance and really nothing more. She had the numbers on her side. She was playing a decent game. Her own allies and the twists conspired against her though.

Strategic Gameplay

This was Vati’s first trip to tribal so we haven’t gotten to see them in the spotlight until this week. Jenny was in on the scheming as we saw but we never got to see her make any big moves.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Social Gameplay

By all appearances, she didn’t have strong bonds with the younger members of her tribe.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Entertainment Value

Jenny wasn’t featured a whole lot except when she went on the first summit. It is hard to determine how much of a personality she would have been.

Rating: 1 / 5

Final Castaway Rating: 6 / 15

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.

Maryanne telling her tribe about the idol, being so open with them all the time, will probably be her downfall.

Chanelle risking her vote blew up her alliance. She could now be on the outside with possibly Mike as her only ally in the game.

Daniel got himself into some pretty deep water at tribal council burning Chanelle as badly as he did.

Jonathan’s performances at the challenges continues to amaze. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if he makes it to the end and pulls a Colby.

Daniel was magical back at camp and at tribal council. If Lydia and Hai really do align with him, it might be one of the biggest “game saves” in Survivor history.

Hai may take some heat for it but he had the guts to play a game of chicken and won showing how deep his loyalty can be.

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