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I am looking for a PHP Application Developer who can develop a simple responsive PHP application with which I can develop the following

1. There should be a Hardcoded Login and Password. No API and User name and Password validation are Required.

2. Once Login, then in the Application, the Cam should be accessed. Provision to enter his name shall be there. The Video of the person sitting in front of the same can be recorded.

3. On Click of the Save Button, the Application should call an API and send the Recorded file as an mp4 file with the file name as Name of Person, Date, and Time with a running number.

4. There should be a View Result Button which should be enabled only on the response from the server API. The API will be provided by us.

5. There will be an API JSON response. Please see one of the samples below

[login to view URL], 6.16667, [{“faceId”:”114dae4a-d615-417e-bb5e-366afcd51525″,”faceRectangle”:{“top”:297,”left”:619,”width”:108,”height”:108},”faceAttributes”:{“smile”:0.903,”headPose”:{“pitch”:11.9,”roll”:-19.6,”yaw”:-38.0},”gender”:”female”,”age”:33.0,”facialHair”:{“moustache”:0.0,”beard”:0.0,”sideburns”:0.0},”glasses”:”NoGlasses”,”emotion”:{“anger”:0.0,”contempt”:0.047,”disgust”:0.0,”fear”:0.0,”happiness”:0.903,”neutral”:0.05,”sadness”:0.0,”surprise”:0.0}}}]

6. The Summary of all the responses should be shown as a ListView with Time Stamp. The Summary details shall be based on the responses received from the API. That is there should be a summary that states the Time, Face Position, Attributes, Gender, features, and Emotion of the person at this time,

7. If there are 10 Line responses, then all timestamps and responses should be provided in the List view.

8. The Data should be saved in the server DB and from this DB, the date on click from the List view should be displayed.

Skills: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, Software Architecture

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