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I am currently looking for a professional manager for the journal that I am creating.

The manager will have to:

-help with the copyright and the rights to it. Register my brand in WIPOO (OMPI)

-help me with the ISBN. I will have to put one ISBN for each journal sold.

-help me with the process of distributing and selling the journal worldwide.

-help me with putting the journal on amazon to sell on it

-help me with the upcoming website to sell on it

The journal will be printed in a few weeks so I am looking for a manager ASAP.


-Is an expert in book/Journal publishing

-Knows how to sell a journal and how to distribute it worldwide.

-speak perfectly English

-available for zoom calls

-excited about self development project

I am looking for an expert only in the domain who can answer my questions and help me put on the market my journal.

Number of hours approximately: 3 hours/ week

Skills: Book Marketing, Brand Marketing, Product Management, Pre-production, Product Design

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Lausanne, Switzerland

Project ID: #34303981

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