How to Improve Indoor Air Quality for a Healthy and Happy Home

Who doesn’t like to get hygge, finding pleasure in simple things, like cuddling up on the sofa on a cold night? The best way to revel in the fuzzy feels of a comfy space is a toasty warm home.

We’re all spending more time where we live – working from home, online learning and hosting small gatherings. In fact, studies show that Canadians spend up to 90 per cent of their time indoors which is why comfort is a top priority. You’d also be surprised to know there are different factors that can affect indoor air quality. Take temperature for instance. Many homes have rooms and areas that feel colder than others. A space heater is a great solution to warm up these cold spaces, but it’s important to understand what kind is best for your needs. 

For those that suffer from allergies, radiators can be a big help. These types of electric space heaters don’t utilize a fan – meaning there’s no dust, allergens or even germs being blown around the room. De’Longhi (yes, the same brand that makes some of the best coffee machines and small electric appliances) offers various types of heaters, each customized for the places you’re looking to heat. Making your home comfortable for you and your family! 



What should I look for when buying a space heater?

There are many types of electric space heaters available in different styles and even sizes – but they aren’t all the same. Whether you need to heat up a home office, a chilly bedroom or a cottage, be sure to get one that fits your needs. Radiators are optimal for long-term heating of full size rooms – plus an added benefit, they’re portable and quiet.

Looking for a convenient and customizable option? The De’Longhi’s Dragon Digital Full Room Radiant Heater is an excellent choice with a programmable 24-hour timer and adjustable thermostat means you’re always in control of the temperature. It also features smart snap wheels which allows you to move it from room to room, so you decide when and where you want that extra comfort. And the best part is the ECO Plus function that automatically adjusts the heat and power setting, offering the most cost-effective, comfortable warmth. 


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In addition to their full room space heater, De’Longhi offers a wide range of heaters including: radiant, panel, ceramic and fan heaters. If you’re looking to heat a small space, opt for one of their ceramic or fan heaters.


How a radiant heater helps to improve indoor air quality

1. Many old homes have rooms that are drafty or don’t heat as well as others. Running a radiator can help warm up a full-size room quietly so you can work or sleep in peace.

2. Save energy by only heating the rooms you’re in. Consider turning the thermostat in your house to low to help conserve energy and only use the radiator in the room you use most.

3. Dry indoor air can lead to a myriad of personal health issues, from respiratory conditions and skin problems to dry eyes, sore throats, and more. Of all De’Longhi’s portable space heaters, radiant heaters preserve healthy humidity levels the best.

4. Radiators operate without the use of a fan, which means they don’t remove moisture from the air, nor do they circulate harmful particles in a room. Instead, these space heaters use convection technology and natural air flow to distribute heat more evenly and safely in an area.  

5.  Maintenance is not required as radiant heaters use diathermic oil that does not require refilling. As the diathermic oil is heated, it fills the outer fins of the radiator evenly, providing ample, yet gentle heat distribution. This oil won’t need to be refilled since it is there to be a heat reservoir and so will never be used up. 

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