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I am looking for the following changes in Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advance:


* Allow players to use an item instead of tossing something before collecting an enemy gift.

* Allow players to trade items between characters, instead of having to transfer each item individually.

* Maintain the “Use” option for unconscious characters’ items, but display a message if you actually select it. (Point is to prevent someone from dropping an item they meant to give someone else.)

* Set the cursor to whoever has an item when you select it.


* Let Thomas’ Bazaar restock after Flint obtains the Drago fang, like after any other mini-cutscene.

* Allow Lucas and Duster to maintain items from the prologue and chapter 1 respectively.

* Prevent Boney from recovering HP when the others eat the mushrooms or bathe in the sludge pond on Tanetane Island.

* If someone doesn’t have room for all their stuff back from Ocho, just give it afterwards to whoever does have inventory space left.

* Fix a bug that prevents the Sanchez brothers from all facing a particular direction (can’t remember which it is).


* Match the algorithm for exp. messages to Earthbound’s.

* Change Kumatora’s attack command to “Punch”, save for when she equips the Fake Fry Pan.

* Give Salsa a better running animation, similar to Boney’s.

* Correct some uses of the word “some” in relation to items.

* Peculiar Cheese should get its icon replaced with one that I’ve created before.

Skills: Game Design, Game Development

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