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437121P, 437121P, 437121, 0437121S, 437121S, 45530, 45967, 3047387, 0AIN9155, 1000RAD13503, 1000RAD13504, 11C7562ST, 1517903C91, 1517904C91, 1517905C91, 1517907C91, 1517908C91, 1517909C91, 1517914C91, 1616363C91, 1616363C92, 1693614C91, 1693644C91, 1693644C92, 1698623C91, 1698743C91, 1698743C92, 1698743C93, 1698743C95, 1698845C91, 1698895C91, 1699561C91, 1699594C91, 1699607C91

Are a list of values that I need checking in column B and C of the spreadsheet

Each value is individual (437121P)

I need to highlight wherever these values are duplicated in the file.

Skills: Excel, Data Processing, Data Entry, Visual Basic

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