Bitcoin Mining In The US? This Texas City Is First To Get The Green Light

Fort Worth, Texas, on Tuesday became the first U.S. city to mine bitcoin.

Fort Worth will mine bitcoin through a small mining farm in its City Hall. The city will use three “Bitmain Antiminer S9” mining rigs that will run 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Mayor Mattie Parker kicked off the start of the mining by plugging all the machines in during the opening.

“Today, with the support and partnership of Texas Blockchain Council, we’re stepping into that world on a small scale while sending a big message,” Parker said after plugging them in.

“Fort Worth is where the future begins,” she added.

On Tuesday, Fort Worth announced a partnership with the Texas Blockchain Commission to launch a Bitcoin mining pilot project, acknowledging the potential growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

The mining program is small scale and designed to be a pilot, but Parker is hopeful that the mining program will inspire other cities to follow in its footsteps if it proves to be successful.

Parker also believes that the mining program will bring more positive discussion about Fort Worth when it comes to tech and cryptocurrency.

“For Fort Worth, a lot of people don’t know who we are,” Parker told CNBC.

“We want to change that conversation, and we believe that tech innovation including cryptocurrency is the way we’re going to do that. …This is something brand new for any city. There’s a lot of policy here that we’ve had to jump through hoops to understand,” she said.

Fort Worth, which is the same market as Dallas, has a population of about 1 million.

Bitcoin mining is the process of housing computer monitor type devices that are capable of “using sophisticated hardware that solves an extremely complex computational math problem. The first computer to find the solution to the problem receives the next block of bitcoins and the process begins again,” according to Investopedia.

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