5 tips to Organizing Your Garage Storage

Now that it’s spring, it’s time to start organizing your outdoor storage spaces. The garage or shed is oft overlooked when it comes to clutter, and because it holds so many seasonal items, keeping it in order requires some extra thought.

Sort it out

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to sort out your garage or shed. Place your items in areas according to theme, season and frequency of use. You may find yourself making a donation pile as well! 

Make a plan

Once you know the amount of space you’re working with and how much stuff needs to fit in it, it’s time to plan it out. Figure out where large items are going first. You want your lawn mower to be accessi­ble all summer long, but you won’t be needing the snow blower for a while—these items are similar in size, so make it easy for you to swap their storage spots when the seasons change. Designate shelving, bins and hooks and make sure you’ve got your labels handy. Small items, such as hardware, tools, pool water tablets or seed packets, can be placed in labelled boxes on shelves at eye level so they’re simple to locate. Vertical storage, such as wall panels on which you can hang accessories like small bins and hooks, or platforms to hang from the ceiling, are ideal for optimizing space. If you have room for a loft shelf, consider installing one to store your holiday decorations. Hot tip: When one holiday is over, bring the next holiday’s boxes to the front of your shelves for quick access. 

Measure up

When planning storage in a garage, don’t forget to take into account the size of your vehicle(s), and give a wide berth (at least two feet) between your parking space and other items in the garage. You should be able to open all the doors and access your car without have to contort yourself.


Have adequate storage

You can find storage systems that include shelving, containers and hooks in hardware stores, but make sure you plan things out before purchasing one, so you’re sure it suits your particular needs. You may have more luck opting for a modular system that allows you to design your storage according to your possessons, or simply buying bins, shelves and accessories piecemeal.


Samla Transparent Plastic Box, 22″ x 15¼” x 11″, $4,


  • Adjustable shelves that can adapt to changing needs are a must: Place objects directly on them, use them as support for bins, attach hooks or install sliders for ease of access. Make sure to invest in quality shelves if they will be supporting heavy items.
  • Wall panels are also very prac­tical, as they are equipped with runners designed to hold hooks on which bins and shelves can be attached.
  • Transparent boxes and bins are the best option for quickly identifying the contents, but you can also choose to label each container clearly and in large letters.
  • Hooks, big or small, are the kings of vertical storage for the garage. There are all kinds of specially designed options to insert fishing rods, skis, bicycles, tools, ladders, and more!


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