2022 September Issue : Work at Home, Back to School, Modern Homes

The pace of life seems to pick up exponentially in September. Any lull that summer offered is quickly forgotten as work and school routines are reinstated. Combine this with the reality that we’re indoors more, and suddenly it becomes obvious what works in our homes and what doesn’t.

At Style at Home, it may seem like we celebrate the flashy aspects of design – the aesthetics, the decorative. And we do! But I always find that when I read the words of our writers, who’ve interviewed the designers of these fabulous spaces, I glean valuable insight into how to design a home that reflects the values of the owners and supports how they live. In this issue, I enjoyed how Olivia Botrie’s design (“Onward & Upward,” page 68) gave an all-in-the-family feel to a wonderfully warm home, which now includes space for visiting grandparents. The sophistication of Marcus Iafrate’s work (“Into the Woods,” page 58) resulted in a modern space with soul – I love how we find out at the end of the article that the construction materials are nontoxic. Our columnist Samantha Pynn helped out her pal Sebastian Clovis, a builder and the host of HGTV Canada’s Gut Job, to save a home with a crumbling foundation (“Ready for Its Close-Up,” page 50). Now the century-old semi has a new lease on life, and the owners can kick back and relax or party dusk-till-dawn – especially in that fab new kitchen.

So for me, this is a back-to-school issue, and my teachers are every designer we’ve featured. I applaud their work. I learn so much from them about how to design not just a beautiful space, but a space for living beautifully.

You’ll find in the 2022 September Issue :

  • Kitchen Shopping for back to school
  • Reduce kitchen renovation stress with Samantha Pynn’s step-by-step plan.
  • Known for her warm, contemporary style
  • Functionnal home office
  • Before/After : Jeff Wortley transform a generic condo into a sophisticated space worthy of its Lake Ontario views
  • 3 home tours
  • and more…

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